Small Garden Design

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Small garden design — Garden, certainly, doesn’t depend on the size and extent of the land. When done with care and a mature design, a small garden can beautify the house as a whole. There are various ways to impress a cute little garden and amazing. Having a small garden at home is highly recommended because in addition to beautify the face of the house will also be very good for health and psychological. Some things to consider in managing the park are as follows.


small garden design


If we have a limited area (narrow) one rule is, do not have the desire to want to move other people into the park the park itself. This is because people tend to want to have what has been owned by a neighbor or someone else. Because we have limited land, make a small garden design with a variety of other plants are too small (dwarf). This is to achieve a balanced proportion between the park by our house facade. Consider the lighting conditions in the park with the choice of plants. If the park does not get enough sunlight, can choose plants that like shade (not really need the sun).


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Do not forget the condition of soil and water absorption. To produce a good garden, it needs good soil conditions. To organize a small garden, there are two important things, soft material elements and hard material elements. These software elements consist of what types of plants we will plant. Are shrubs, vines  plant shade, flowering plants and cover crops. Noteworthy is the proportion between low plant to high plant, that looks interesting. While the harsh elements of rock, which is often used as a supporter of the beauty of the park. This natural stone slab with the composition of irregular shape can serve as the trail and will add a natural feel. Parks does not always have a path, but it serves as a circulation path that allows us to explore the entire park without stepping on the grass or soil. The beauty of the small garden complete when coupled with the statue as well as aesthetic ornament garden lights. In addition to the lighting, garden lights will make a dramatic look at night. Jars as well as aesthetic ornament will make a small garden look more attractive – small garden design.


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