Spring flowers for your garden

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A lot of gardeners make lists of spring flowers for their garden in the winter and wait eagerly to the first bursts of spring colors. Depending on where you live, spring may come at different times, but the sequence of blooming for the spring flowers is the pretty much the same for most places. In this post we will give you a few suggestions for spring flowers for your garden.

Crocus is one of the earliest spring flowers and can bloom through the snow. These small spring flowers usually bloom in shades of purple or yellow. Plant the bulbs before the ground freezes in the fall, usually in September and October in the North and in October and November in the South. Keep in mind that the bulbs will rot in soggy ground, so make sure the soil drains well. Plant the bulbs of these spring flowers in clusters or groups, because single flowers get lost in the landscape.


Daffodils are early and mid-spring flowers that produce fragrant, cheerful flowers early in the spring. Daffodils are among the most recognizable spring flowers. They spread over time and eventually become too overcrowded, after which flowering declines. Plant them in the fall in depth 2-3 times bulb height. The pointy part of the bulbs should face up. You may use some compost when planting.


Lilies of the valley are highly fragrant spring flowers, which typically bloom in late spring. You should plant these spring flowers in a mostly shaded area and grow them in a well-drained soil, enriched with humus. Keep in mind that these beautiful, fragrant spring flowers are poisonous, so avoid planting them if you have small children or pets playing in the yard.

lily of the valley

There are many beautiful spring flowers you can plant in your garden. Visit your local garden center and find out what spring flowers are blooming in your area. You can share with us what are your favorite spring flowers in the comments section below.

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