Succulent planters from wine corks

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You can use wine corks to make some awesome items for your home. You can find online furniture, decorations and even walls, made from wine corks. In this article we will show you how to make some really cool wine cork planters for succulents.

The things that you will need for these wine cork planters are some wine corks, a screwdriver, some succulent scraps, soil, magnets and a glue gun, an eye dropper.

wine cork planter

Hollow out the inside of the wine corks with the screwdriver. It may be a little difficult and it requires some time. If you have an extra large drill-bit, you can use that as an alternative to the screwdriver. This way, it will be a lot faster and your hands will thank you for that later. A small kitchen knife will help you. Hollow them out halfway.

cork planters

The next step is to stick the magnets to the side of the wine corks. Do this with the hot glue gun. Since the wine corks are really small, it may be hard to find a place to put them. That’s what the magnets are for – you can later attach them to your refrigerator door or any other metal surface you want to decorate.

wine cork planters

Next, place a little bit of soil into the hollowed out portion of the wine corks and add the succulent scraps. Then, add some more soil around the edges and pat down. Use the eyedropper to water the planter. Just a few drops of water would be enough.

Your wine cork planters are now ready. Since succulents are hardly plants, they have a good chance of surviving. Decorate your refrigerator door with these cool planter magnets. Bring a piece of nature indoors. These cute wine corks would also make fun presents and bring smiles to your friends.

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