Winter plants for your garden

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There are many plants that can survive the cold winter in your garden. Blooming through a crust of snow, these plants not only survive when the dropping temperatures force us inside, but they thrive. Here are some plants for your winter garden that will add a touch of the unexpected in the winter landscape.

Camellias, with their evergreen leaves and showy blooms form pale pink to brilliant red, will add color and interest to your winter garden. Even in the coldest zones, you can cultivate some of the new cold climate hybrids of these plants. With so many species to choose from, you will definitely find a variety to fit that perfect spot in your flowerbed. If you decide to grow camellias, you should know that they grow slowly, so you need to make sure you’re in for the long haul. You will have to give these plants a good start in life, by planting them in a sheltered spot that’s out of the wind and warms up in the afternoon.


The red berries and the distinctive leaves of the evergreen holly put all of us in the holiday spirit. The evergreen holly plants will be a bright spot for your winter garden. You can grow these plants successfully across the United States and there are many varieties with berries from crimson red to yellow. These plants are also a natural for adornment and decoration. In addition, holly is hardy, can make an imposing barrier and is easy to prune. Holly plants are hardy and adaptable, and there’s probably a holly that can thrive in your garden no matter where you live. Keep in mind that if you want to sprout berries, you will need both male and female plant for that.

evergreen holly

Snowdrops are another option for winter plants to grow in your garden. They often pop up through a layer of snow, even before the crocuses are out. Snowdrops are welcome guests in any garden. One of the best things about these plants is that they will survive even in extended snow events, waiting dormant for the conditions to improve. To grow snowdrops, you will need to provide well-drained soil. Do not let them go dry in hot weather. These delicate plants do best in sheltered spots.


There are many other plants you can grow in your winter garden. You can check out your local garden supplies store and see what varieties are best for your area.

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