Animal Print Living Room Decorating Ideas

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Animal print living room — Animal skin pattern often be a trend in the fashion world. In the world of interior was quite popular animal print motif. Present whereabouts accents in the room. One of them in your living room. Create accents in the room, not always with the game of colors, patterns can be exciting accents. This motif is favored for its ability to attract attention. Not only in the fashion world, in any home interior dress, animal print motif could be an eye catching accent.


animal print living room designs



animal print living room decorating ideas


Animal skin pattern gives the impression of bold and confident. Just as the world of fashion, animal print motif is only matched those worn by the character of confidence. The problem, though only a little is applied, this motif is very easy to attract attention. This nature could be beneficial, can also be detrimental. If not careful applying it, we might actually see a full room and plebeian animal print living room.

Animal skin pattern should be applied as an accent only, not as a dominant motif. You can apply it on the carpet, sofa, cushions, or decorative pillows. One more thing to note for your animal print living room, do not carelessly combining animal skin motifs. Leopard skin pattern combined with a leopard skin pattern, for example. Both are among the tiger, but these alloys did not match the motif, it makes the room look poorly laid out. Therefore, you need to be wise to use this motif as a motif for your living room. You do not want your guests feel to move away from the living room because they do not like your animal living room atmosphere, right?


animal print living room



animal print living room ideas


Each animal skin motif, actually making it appear different. Striped tiger-skin motif, or the leopard, golden brown, can provide a luxurious feel. While cowhide motif, which is usually red and white, is more properly used in modern and minimalist style room. Ready to be different and attract attention? so let’s try animal print living room.