Apartment in Moscow shows explosion of styles

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Combining styles in the interior design isn’t something extraordinary, even recently it became very popular and liked. Two or more styles brought in one place gives more emotions, feelings and break conventional understandings of the concepts in the interior. For sure there are styles that doesn’t match, and some that match, but also there are designers, who loves showing, that there is no boundaries in the world of interior.


We will look at an apartment, proving it and showing mixture of modern, rustic and industrial style, without either of them to feel redundant. The first thing that you can notice in this place is it’s colors and the way they match with the used materials.


In the living room we find one very interesting leather couch, featuring a brown shade and interesting patina, that links it with concrete walls and ceilings. Till you look at the living room, pay attention on all other beautiful elements, like vertical shelf with books and ropes pending from the ceiling, connecting the illumination.


See the smooth transition between colors. Concrete walls, unfinished natural wood floor and long curtains – all these things makes one harmonious composition, although they diný have anything in common. The whole design is very flexible and functional, as for example the white wall behind the couch offers spaces, opening with sliding doors.


The kitchen is separated from the living room, with cosy bar, above which you can see that “rope” linking the lightings above the bar with the living room’s chandelier. The colors stays untouched, so and the trend for closed storage places. There are many decors and accents, that repeats in almost every room. For example the lights and curtains in the living room are the same as in the bedroom. There we find big bed, placed on wide white platform and interesting brick wall, covered with soft patina.


If we speak of the bathroom, it is the place where the industrial style is shown at it’s best and the colors choice and materials are amazing.





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