The chi energy in your corridor

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The chi energy in your corridor

The post below will take a more philosophical look at the interior design of contemporary hallways. Even though some modern apartments lack any doorways and people enter straight into the living room from the entrance door, such apartments are still a minority. So for the ones that do have a small entry passage, we have a few good ideas on how to furnish the place following the Feng Shui requirements, so that you can preserve the chi energy inside.


Starting with the obvious piece of advice – keep your corridor well-lit and clean. If you fail to do so, the chi energy will be at a standstill, which unfortunately might lead to an atmosphere of turmoil and apathy. In case you have one of those penthouse-style flats, where the staircase starts right after the entry door, it is a good idea to try and slow down the chi energy movement by using a few decoration items such as pendants or musical bells. You should avoid mirrors though. Another good decision would be to place a decorative plant pot near the entrance door.

Now that we have mentioned interior decorations, it is important to keep in mind that the corridor should be as neutral as possible in terms of lighting and interior design. After all, this is just the entrance passage, not the center of your home. Therefore, in case the lamps you are using are too bright, it is a good idea to paint the doorway walls in pastel nuances, so that the light will be much milder. On the other hand, if your hallway is too dark, you can try putting on some paintings or photos in oval and rectangular frames.

In conclusion, we would like to say that the corridor should be both well-maintained, so that it can lead you to the living room. The rooms of the family members as well as the bathroom should not attract the attention of your guests, so think about the proper interior decoration of the entry passage.

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