Choosing a fitted carpet for your home

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The fitted carpet is a popular flooring choice for your home. It is often preferred to the hard wood flooring, because of its insulating properties. Besides, it is a great way to create a cozy and inviting atmosphere in your home.

There are two basic types of fitted carpet – tufted and woven. Tufted fitted carpet is more popular and cheaper. It is manufactured by a machine, with needles punctuating the fabric to some backing fabric. Tufted fitted carpet is available in a wide range of colors and textures. Any pattern can be printed on the surface. Tufted fitted carpet has a nice, springy feel underfoot. Woven fitted carpet is manufactured by weaving the yarn and the backing fabric together with a loom. It is higher quality than the tufted fitted carpet, takes longer to make and is more expensive. It also withstands wear and tear better, keeping its appearance for longer. Natural wool, synthetic materials or a blend of both can be used in the manufacture. Different patterns can be woven on the surface.

fitted carpet

The texture of the fitted carpet affects how it looks and how durable it will be. Different types of texture are suitable for different rooms. Twist fitted carpet is easy to maintain, suitable for heavy use and doesn`t attract fluff as much as some other types. Loop fitted carpet is also easy to maintain, but it`s not suitable for homes with pets. The velvet fitted carpet has a more luxurious look, with a beautiful soft and smooth texture. It is easy to clean, but shows markings more easily. The long pile fitted carpet has a soft texture. It is more difficult to clean and maintain, and with heavy use, it will flatten. Patterned woven fitted carpet hides markings well, due to its design. Plain woven fitted carpet withstands hard wear. It is easy to maintain, but tends to show markings more easily.

gray fitted carpet

The style and color of the fitted carped depend on your personal taste, the color scheme of the room and the colors and flooring of the adjoining rooms. When it comes to adjoining rooms, it would probably be better to choose complementary colors, instead of colors that will clash. Maintaining the same style, with complementary color schemes, throughout the house, will create a nice, harmonious effect.

red fitted carpet

When choosing a fitted carpet, keep in mind the practical considerations, as well as your personal preferences. The woven fitted carpet and the short-textured one are suitable for living rooms, while the long or deep pile fitted carpet is best for a bedroom. The perfect fitted carpet will complement your interior and blend harmoniously with the existing décor.

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