Contemporary Classic Interior Design

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Contemporary classic interior — Bring a different touch in every room can make a home more attractive. Experience different spaces can be perceived as the flow of circulation space in the house. But the theme of a house should still be felt in every room and a common thread that established the concept of each room with harmony.


Contemporary Classic Kitchen



Contemporary Classic Interior Design



Contemporary Classic Interior


If you want a combination of the exotic to the interior of your home, try to experiment with contemporary yet classic style interior. Many ways you can do to get this contemporary classic interior touch. Presented a contemporary modern twist on the dining room in the house of classical style. Classic feature of one of them is maintained by using a curved-legged table. The dominant dimension table in the room to make sure this classic features visible. Overall black color and absence of classic features to soften the carving on the table. Or the use of classical ornament carving and furniture such as mirrors, seat handles or decoration can add to the impression of a classic space.


Contemporary Classic Bedroom



Contemporary Classic



Contemporary Classic livingroom


For a Contemporary classic interiorĀ inĀ modern twist, you can use metal or artwork such as paintings of abstract or contemporary. Dining chair with ottoman round might sound classic. But not with the use of stainless steel. Shiny material that this one has a strong modern characteristics. Stainless steel is widely used in modern style arrangement. Curved and forms a dynamic framework of stainless prop black fabric upholstery. A contemporary art form depends on the dining table. This chandelier is a unique blend of arches stainless steel and crystal pendant resulting bias and luxurious sparkle of light in the dining room. Pay attention to every detail. Do not let one style seemed soulless, when combined with another style. That’s the key to this Contemporary classic interior style.