Contemporary Country House, Warm and Comfy

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Contemporary country house — Home country is the architectural style that reflects the architectural style of houses in village close to nature, and provide a role for nature in terms of lighting and air circulation materials. Architectural style country house with a very good time to get comfortable, closer to nature. Architectural style country house with a more perfect if it is supported by a vast and beautiful landscape. Country-style architecture is well adapted to the climate of the location of the house. Country-style house exterior dimensions are presented with a wide overstek shade windows and entrance. Spacious terrace at the front and rear that are often equipped with furniture to sit back. Building mass typically widening or lengthening Interior broader and transparent ceiling exposing the roof structure. Air circulation system prioritizes the role of nature by making a rather large windows and lots. The spaces in the home country-style architecture typically interact without being limited by dividing the absolute space. Railing, wall cabinet, the difference in floor level to create alternative spaces. Natural building materials/natural building material that dominates the architectural style of the home country. Timber with a clear and coarse fibers, natural stone, lime stone, stone-crafted workmanship that is simple but still neat.





At the front of the contemporary country house you can place foyer with red or brown like wood. The addition of a large mirror can also be used as inspiration in the foyer for these transition spaces look more spacious. To look harmonious and pleasing to the eye, set the interior of the house should be aligned with the facade of the building. If it seems his face wore a contemporary country style, the interior design and interior arrangement also does not run away from that style. For the interior living room, country style application that many use wood element, brown shades and earth colors, can be used as accents. The selection of furniture, like tables and chairs, selected a simple model but with elements of country-style wood and coarse fibrous clear. If necessary, given the black accents make it look more luxurious. In addition, too many people who love wood nyantoh, because fiber is straight, or mahogany color is slightly reddish. While furniturenya models also selected a simple, do not wear carvings and profiles.



For the kitchen for contemporary country house, you can select the wood-based material. If your house was already using the brick wall, rather than dismantle the timber and replace it with a wooden wall, wearing only a practical way. Add wood panel about 4cm thick, with a height of 1.8 m. Wood paneling is sufficient to provide a natural atmosphere, in the kitchen. The next step easier. Just add the typical trinkets countrycountry. to strengthen his character. For example, the rows of ceramic plates that you can see the glass is placed on the shelf. Not to forget the pictorial wall hanging flowers, placed to decorate wood panels. Trinkets or floral picture, also became one of the hallmark of the style.


If the kitchen is so beautiful, do not forget to place a dining table and chairs set a similar style. Round wooden table with a set of simple design of wood, also made of wood could be an option. To select the color can be white like the walls, or brown as the wood panel — contemporary country house.


contemporary country house


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