Contemporary living room designs

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The living room is where your family gathers to spend a nice, relaxing evening at home. Are you looking for an inspiration and ideas for your living room? In this article we will give you some suggestions for your contemporary living room.

If you must choose one room in your home to put your heart and soul into designing, the living room would probably be your choice. This is the area that sets the tone for furnishing and decorating of your entire home. In the example we have chosen to show you today, the living room has wood flooring. The wood flooring has natural beauty and amazing warm coloring. A lot of home owners opt for wood flooring, which can be used in modern interior designs or in more traditional, vintage surroundings.

contemporary living room

The walls are soft, creamy colors. You can’t go wrong with light colors. They reflect more light, which makes the room feel airy and spacious. Light colors are perfect for a smaller living room, because they would make it seem bigger. In addition, the neutral colors of the walls let you place any color furniture and decorations, without having to worry if they would match well. To make it feel more dynamic, you can cover one wall with a cheery wallpaper or a wood panel, that matches the floor.

contemporary living room design

The wood storage cabinets add to the feeling of nature in your living room. For a more impressive effect, pick colors that create a nice contrast with the rest of the room. The cabinets have very stylish, contemporary design and provide sufficient storage space, so that you can keep everything neatly organized. For a more modern look, you can opt for sleek, glossy surfaces. The TV set is probably the main focal point in your living room, so you can combine that with an elegant, simplistic coffee table and cozy, comfortable couches.

modern living room

For a smaller living room, it is not a good idea to place too many decoration items, because they would make the area feel cluttered. Choose a set of minimalist paintings that match the main color theme or small wooden sculpture, paired with a contemporary vase. The curtains you choose, can also add a nice accent to the living room. Another idea is to choose a coffee table with a floral pattern. Thus, you will combine functionality with aesthetics.

modern living room design

A very important aspect in any living room is the lighting. Contemporary ceiling lights are a wonderful way to add style to your living room. Choose a trendy design, that matches the main colors in the room or a crystal chandelier to add sparkle and glamour to the area. This will add the finishing touches to your contemporary living room.

Create a living room that is a statement of your love for style and comfort. Be imaginative with the colors and patterns. Place modern, stylish furniture and finish with bold, minimalistic decorations. Your dream living room can become a contemporary interior design masterpiece.

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