The corridor – the mirror to your home

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The corridor creates the first impression in your guests, not only of what interior they should expect but also of what their hosts are like. So, what are the best furniture, accessories and colors that we should use?

The corridor decoration falls within the numerous hostesses’ responsibilities. Long, empty passages with no light or windows normally create a grey sense of depression. There are a number of ways to transform the corridor into something a bit more welcoming and attractive.

The corridor colors should be fresh, mild and warm, so that the feeling of extra space and comfort can be conveyed. You should avoid bright, startling colors. A good twist could be placing a tall mirror on one of the corridor walls – the immediate benefits are at least two: the feeling of additional space will be even stronger and it is always good to take a look at yourself on your way out! Another trick that would do the job is to add paintings, carvings or even family photos to the walls of your corridor.


Lighting is also of importance – go for the mild light by pointing your lamps towards the ceiling. Consider placing pointed lamps just above the mirror.
When it comes to corridor furniture, the obvious choice is limited down to a two-winged wardrobe, a small show cabinet, a mirror, a few shelves and hangers. Should your corridor be long and narrow a wardrobe with sliding doors might be the better solution. Still, if there is a dark spot left in the corridor, you can also place a vase full of fresh, colorful flowers to save the day.

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