Cost of Bamboo Flooring

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Cost of Bamboo Flooring – You choose your part of living space to get into bamboo flooring? It is a good choice. A friendly environment that will be created by bamboo flooring will be as equal as the cost you spent for it. However, you really need to know what you will get with some amount of money so that you would not feel disappointed after choosing the bamboo flooring you want.
Cost of Bamboo Flooring

Cost of Bamboo Flooring which is unfinished will often very cheap on the face of things, and typically, this bamboo flooring may start at price around the $ 1.50 s/f level. There is one thing to bear in mind, about this type is that the fact that the cost of finishing the floor and the extra labor involved is likely to add a hefty sum to the final total, regardless of whether or not you carry out the install yourself. This fact is due to the cost of the additional materials needed, and possibly tools, to sand, stain and coat the flooring that makes the Cost of Bamboo Flooring hefty.

Bamboo floors that have been finished by hand, as in the hand scraped types, is the most expansive range in cost of bamboo flooring. This prices range may be up to around $8 per s/f. For the completely unique bamboo floor, you need to consider the money will be spent to make it certain whether you will install the bamboo flooring or the other types.

The cost of bamboo flooring may surpass $12 s/f but most residential property owners will likely not benefit from installing such a floor unless they expect it to be subjected to a continuous and extraordinary amount of foot traffic.

The Cost of Bamboo Flooring also may vary from around $1.99 to $4.99 per s/f. The quality of the finishing, the length of the warranty and whether the floor is a snap lock one or a straight edged plank floor, are the main factors that will influence the price you pay.

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