Creative ideas for a small apartment

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Small living areas compel you to think creatively. There are lots of ideas available to you for furnishing and decorating small a apartment. In this article, we you give you some suggestions.

Small modern apartments usually have one larger room, separated into kitchen, dining and living areas, and a one or two bedrooms. In the apartment we have picked as an example, the main colors are shades of brown for the furniture and light creamy colors for the walls. The counters in the  limited kitchen area have light-colored doors to reflect more light, which makes the whole area look brighter. The brown surfaces match the rest of the furniture. The embedded oven takes less space, has contemporary design and energy saving features. The brighter-colored decorations on the cabinet door additionally brighten up the atmosphere of the area.

The dining table separates the kitchen from the living area. The white dining chairs contrast with the dark brown color of the table, and create an illusion of more floor space between the two areas. The candle holders act as a beautiful centerpiece and freshen up the look of the room.

small kitchen area

For limited spaces, it is very important to keep the area tidy and well organized. It is a good idea to keep a clear path from one side of the room to the other. It gives you perspective, which makes the area seem bigger. For a small apartment, keep the number of decoration items limited. The  brick masonry is an interesting  decoration solution and matches the general color scheme of the apartment. The hanging living room cabinet and the short, multifunctional coffee table save additional space. The book shelves above the TV also are a clever solution for small-sized apartments.

small living area

Small rooms don’t necessarily need to look and feel confining. There are lots of ideas how to make your living area more appealing and stylish. Consult an interior designer or check online for the perfect solution for your small city apartment.

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