Decoration ideas for the shared kids’ room

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The shared kids’ room is a clever and quite functional solution for the modern style apartments, which tend to be lacking in space. The majority of the contemporary families which have both a boy and a girl do not have the possibility to spare two separate rooms in their homes, so that every kid can have its own private spot. This is why the idea of a common room for the kids has evolved.

shared kids' room

The trick is to try and develop two functional zones inside the very same room, so that the desires and preferences of both kids can be met. A common mistake is to design, furnish and decorate the whole room in a unisex style. This way, none of your kids will feel well and comfortable there, which is the main goal. So instead of buying two identical beds for them you should get a princess bed for the little lady and a Ferrari-like sports bed for the boy. In terms of colors and shades, it is natural that the two kids will have different tastes. Contrary to painting the whole area into neutral nuances such as yellow, green, orange or white, you could visually divide the room using red or purple for the girl and blue for example for your little hero. The advantage would be that your kids will be able to visually comprehend the shared idea of the kids’ room, while at the same time they will learn to respect each other’s privacy.

shared kids' room

kid zonesWe cannot but agree that getting different furniture styles will be a bit too much, not to mention the fact that the overall design concept will be spoiled. So, yes, the furniture bits could be unisex. The key here would be to bet on the decoration items which will help you form separate areas in the kids’ room. Bedding, carpets, hangers, drawers, shelves, and table – all they will help you create separate private zones for the two kids. In order to make them both equally like the area, the overall concept of the shared children’s room should by all means reflect the preferences of the kids, so do ask for their opinion.

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