Decorative plaster walls

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Decorative plaster is a unique way to decorate your walls. It gives you many opportunities to give shape to your ideas. Decorative plaster will make your walls look truly impressive ans stylish.

Probably the most popular decorative plaster for wall decoration, is the Venetian plaster. For many centuries, it has been use to decorate the walls of the best homes in Europe. Its great texture is timeless. Venetian plaster gives the effect of a polished, marble surface. It can be applied to any surface, but the technology of application is very important. The quality of the coating depends on the skill of the master.

Venetian plaster

Another very popular decorative plaster for walls, is the textured stucco. It is a great finishing decorative plaster. There are different types, according to the type of binder and the structure of the coating. The texture of the coating will depend on the shape and size of the filler used, the tools and the method of application. There are mineral, acrylic, silicate and silicone textured decorative plaster.

textured plaster

You may also opt for decorative plaster moulding. With mouldings, there are many details to consider, but the outcome is truly impressive. Decorative plaster moldings come in all sorts, shapes and sizes. To determine the right decorative plaster molding for your home, you need to consider the other elements of your interior design.

plaster molding

Choosing the type of the decorative plaster for your home depends on your personal preferences. You own personal style is the best guide, when you need to find decorative plaster that suits you and your family. A suggestion would be to look at the clothing you buy and try to find the trend. If you like to wear gaudy jewelry, you would probably like heavily-ornamented plaster designs for your home. If you prefer simpler, more structured dresses, you should try simpler, sleek decorative plaster designs, that complement your elegant, modern style.

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