Designer wall art for your home

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Wall art and ceiling art can bring life to your home. Wall and ceiling paintings will create and extra dimension to your rooms, adding elegance. They will add an extravagant finishing touch to your beautiful, luxury home.

In this article we have chosen to show you the stunning wall art and ceiling art work of Ilian Rachov. He is a world-renowned artist, who was born in Bulgaria. In his art, he combines ancient gilding techniques with his contemporary views. Through the years of work, Ilian has developed his own unique and unmistakable style. His stunning art works are properties of museums and churches around the world, as well as numerous private collections.

  • wall painting by Ilian Rachov
  • wall art by Ilian Rachov
  • wall painting by Ilian Rachov
  • wall art by Ilian Rachov
  • ceiling art by Ilian Rachov
  • ceiling by Ilian Rachov
  • ceiling painting by Ilian Rachov
  • ceiling art by Ilian Rachov

Wall art is probably the best way to attract the attention of your guests. A talented artist can turn your blank and boring walls into a piece of art. Add elegance and style to your luxury home with designer wall art. Thus, your walls will turn into the focal point of any room. The design of the walls depends entirely on your personal preferences. Choose from modern wall art for contemporary homes, though incredible nature landscapes, to baroque pattern designs for luxury homes with class.

Another option you have for your beautiful home is ceiling art. Depending on the style of your interior design, you have practically options to choose from. You can browse the web for ideas or seek the professional opinion of a gifted artist. You may opt to have the whole ceiling painted or pick a pattern to just highlight certain areas, around the chandelier or the corners of the room.

wall painting by Ilian Rachov

Designer wall art and ceiling art will look best in spacious, luxury homes. It is suitable for people who have taste for the finer things and want to turn their homes into masterpieces. If your are interested in the work of Ilian Rachov and want to see more, you can Google him and browse his picture galleries.

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