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Ethnic interior design — Ethnic element is often a favorite for interior design enthusiasts. This time we try to play with chinoiseries. Chinoiseries is the theme of the interior, where there are elements in the arrangement that China could have been done on the interior is based on the outline of Europe. Chinoiseries themes emerged in the past centuries, when there is a relationship between the French under Napoleon Bonaparte and the kings of China at that time. At that time the work of designer / artist who brought to China many European soil, and vice versa. Items include furniture, paintings and other home decor element. In France and other European countries, this furniture became popular. Once the popularity to the point of design is reproduced, there is also a new element of interior design is by incorporating Chinese elements into it.


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ethnic interior design chinoiseries


ethnic interior design


The various interior –ethnic interior design– elements to Chinoiseries you can use with the use of Chinese furniture with special wood like Red Wood. The ideas of the bamboo curtain is rich in color and design that adds vibrant interior spaces in our homes. The use of Laker colored black base can also be a raw material for furniture Chinoiseries Laker other than black in china are also commonly used in the interior of Europe.


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Consumption patterns of China’s full of philosophy and is often portrayed on furniture can also be used. Decorative –ethnic interior design– elements typical of Europe as an ornamental pillows from fabric which in French is called toile can also be made with the motive of China. Of course, sculpture or other Chinese trinkets fit enough to be placed in the rooms in European style home. Such placements are often present in Chinoiseries arrangement. Use lots of color in interior design as the theme Chinoiseries a wealth of design itself that gave birth to a cheerful arrangement. Condition, good design and color elements must be mutually give each other the soul – ethnic interior design.