Ethnic Maroon Interior

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Ethnic maroon interior — When building a house, there are many ideas that can be poured. House with a concept or theme, of course nicer and prettier than homes that do not have a concept or theme at all. One of the themes and concepts to choose from is ethnic. There are many ethnic theme for your home. Not only in terms of primary material that needs attention, another important thing that you can enter for the ethnic composition of residential furniture that can add to the impression of a classic in the room. And of course you can put ethnic maroon interior as your interior design.


ethnic interior maroon


This type of furniture combines style and material so that placement can be done easily and more flexible. Natural materials from nature such as wood and bamboo furniture are widely used by local ethnic style and colored maroon. Surely this material is the material most recommended by experts and can form a healthy home. Back to nature lifestyle with ethnic maroon interior has inspired many people to pour the interior design is characterized by ethnic and beautiful in their homes. Unique impression will be created from a different starting design style and memorable experience to the selection of environmentally friendly material.


ethnic maroon interior


One example that we can enjoy the tropical Mediterranean in ethnic maroon interior style home that utilizes natural materials of wood. In the living room, a large divan and relaxed you can plug in an easy chair to relax. While the open side porch dining room can be filled with four wooden chairs. Make friends with the architecture of the house the local climate. If you are in a tropical climate country, with a mix of Mediterranean style with a spacious lay out and open, home design that you can choose to apply the design house of tropical architecture. It would appear from the design of large-aperture open on windows, doors, and vents for ventilation and light sources, as well as open terraces planted a lot of green elements such as tananman vines, ornamental plants and flowers.


indian ethnic interior design


Coupled with the concept back to nature, making the building feel homey and fresh. Although it does not require a lot of ornaments that modern, eclectic concept was thick aura of two cultures. Traditional ethnic elements you can embed in the interior living room, dining room, living room, bedroom, and den. You can choose wood for tables and chairs, from the young wood color, light till dark. Complementary to each other and support. This is one modern feature implemented in a functional product mix and the present with a high aesthetic value — ethnic maroon interior.


Ethnic maroon interior

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