Fire and stone – so much comfort and intimacy

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Fire and stone – so much comfort and intimacy

Whatever books, articles or posts you are reading, there is one undisputed truth – interior design should reflect your individuality and your unique taste. Would you like living in a home that looks exactly like the one of your neighbor, and your neighbor’s neighbor? Not a pretty picture, is it? Therefore, do not be afraid to let your fantasy and your inner feelings guide when you decorate your home. There is however, a passion that everyone shares – people do strive for comfort. So, which do you thing is the one universally accepted and cherished interior design element that we would all go for if we had the chance? It is easy – that would be the fireplace. There is just no other furnishing detail that conveys the idea of comfort more! So yes, our tastes differ, but we all seem to be on the same page when it comes to the fireplace.

This is the main attraction point in every home, whose owners are lucky enough to have a fireplace. It is the best spot for family gatherings, partying with friends or those delicate romantic moments that we all love. The playful fires and the sound of the burning wood seem to be the perfect match. The reason is understandable – nothing makes the everyday stress disappear faster than the welcoming fireplace!

Fireplaces, just like any other interior design element differ in design, style, location and even the burning fuel that they use. What actually unites everyone that possesses a fireplace in their home is the stone decoration! Stone and fire – nothing implies the idea of uniting comfort and intimacy better!