How to furnish and decorate a bohemian style home

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Furnishing and decorating a bohemian style home means creating a very personalized atmosphere. The best thing about bohemian style is that you can use many different art pieces, including your own works, and mix and match colors and materials as you wish. In this post we will give you a few ideas how to furnish and decorate a bohemian style home.

Bohemian style living rooms quite often resemble awesome Eastern interiors, like the Moroccan style with its bright colors and patterns. So if you want to bring color and life to your home, bohemian style is right for you. If you want something more neutral, you can create white bohemian living room. This will create an atmosphere of comfort and coziness, while and the same time looking beautiful and elegant. There are lots of materials you can use for your bohemian style living room – wood, fur, fabric, leather and so on. Enjoy the variety of materials you can use.

living room

Bohemian style kitchens incorporate the use of many colors and patterns that sometimes interweave in such a way that they remind us of a work of art. A bohemian style kitchen will be extremely colorful and unusual in its design. A space like that can make you feel like you somehow got into another world. To achieve a bohemian look for your kitchen, you can paint the walls in some bright colors and choose furniture with unusual shapes. Install natural wood flooring and choose houseplants and wooden decorative elements. You can also go for hand-woven carpets and patterned tiles. Rustic and vintage styles combine very well with bohemian interior, so don’t hesitate to use them.


If you already have a bohemian kitchen, why not make your dining room bohemian as well? Choose a lot of details and accessories, colorful patterns and furniture. You can choose a really colorful scheme for your dining room or something more neutral like white and gray. You may also choose exquisite glass furniture, or rough wooden furniture – anything you like. Add some more colorful accents with curtains, carpets and throw pillows. Decorate your bohemian style dining room with some candle holders and art pieces, and you’re done.

dining room

Bohemian style refers to people and spaces that are unconventional and artistic. Bohemian style interior means bright colors, crazy patterns and artistic atmosphere. To create a bohemian style atmosphere in your bedroom, use fabric – bedspreads, upholstery, carpets and curtains. If you don’t want to use many colors on the walls and the ceilings, you can add color with the furniture and the decorative elements you choose. Baldachins, bird cages and amazing art works are exquisite choices for your bohemian style bedroom. You can mix bohemian chic with any other style. It looks really good with romantic, vintage and rustic styles.


The bathroom is another place where you can show off your creativity with bohemian style. Do not hesitate to add color to your bathroom and make it look more cheery. When you are designing a bohemian style bathroom, you should be careful not to overdo things with colors and textures and make it look too flashy. You want everything to be tasteful and stylish. You can just add a few unusual tiles, a shower curtain and some houseplants. In your bathroom, you can combine the bohemian chic with some other style like rustic, romantic, minimalist or classic. The combination of these styles will make you bathroom really fun.


Bohemian decorating style can refer to any kind of decorating style that is unique, colorful and eclectic. Bohemian style defies all decorating conventions and rules. To create bohemian atmosphere in your home you don’t need to worry about matching various furniture and decorative elements, since almost anything goes.

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