Furnishing the sloped ceiling room

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Sloped ceiling rooms can be tough to furnish and decorate. Or, at least this is the general conception every time a person needs to take care of a room with a sharp angle or an oddly looking ceiling. It is our deep belief though, that the peculiarly shaped ceiling can be more of an advantage than of a downside. Think of it this way – chances are that very few homes will have the exact same sloped ceiling, so why not make the most of it.

attic reading spotThe sooner you realize that this is a unique trait of your room rather than a hideous obstacle the better. Take for example the sharp corners that occur as a result of the sloped area above our heads. Add a comfortable chair and put on a few pretty paintings on the wall – your one-of-a-kind reading spot is ready. Keep in mind that with proper lighting, the odd ceiling can create a picturesque décor. Probably the best way to go about it would be to install ceiling windows. Not overly impressed with the idea – just wait for the first rain drops to start falling down. The sweet experience will change the way you look at your ceiling.


attic shelvesThe key lies in the smallest details, which we sometimes tend to overlook or underestimate. Beautiful shelves, a few paintings, a concealed freckle-like lamp or a black-and-white family photo can thoroughly change the impression you will get from your sloped ceiling room.

In most of the cases, attic rooms have similar ceilings; however, it is possible that you do find them in bedrooms or living rooms depending on the architectural peculiarities of your home. So make the most of it. You can place your bed against the knee wall under the sloped area and hand a piece of textile, so that it creates the look and the feel of a canopy. Exposed beams and stylish chandeliers, pendant lights and ceiling fans can make the whole room look much more furnished and cozy.


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