Glass doors for unique home setting

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Interior design aims to underline the uniqueness of every home. The furniture bits and decoration items which can contribute to this goal are numerous. One of the current favorites in the design trends would be the glass doors. They are definitely building on popularity, since the door variations are definitely evolving.

interior glass doors

This type of doors is suitable both for your interior and exterior, especially if you live in a house with a well-secluded back yard. However, since the majority of people live in apartments, we shall put the focus on the interior application of the interior type. They are mostly preferred for bathrooms, especially if the glass is frosted, but the fact is that they are a stylish solution for every room in the flat – living, dining, sleeping. Just make sure they fit in the home décor and do not be afraid to take a gamble, by placing glass doors in the living room for example.


sliding glass dorrsThe market nowadays offers quite a few different variations, based on the glass type, the lock, etc. The glass can be opaque, so that the door will not be the classic see-through type, which is more appropriate for rooms that require additional privacy. The decorations which can be depicted on them are also countless, so you will surely find a suitable one for your place.


One of the best types is the sliding one. It is made of two parallel glass panels that slide past each other. Mainly used for balconies, but the fact is that it is suitable for any apartment. The biggest advantage is that it would not “eat up” space the way ordinary doors do. Moreover, it is quite silent, so there will not be any disturbance for your ears. Just keep in mind that the sliding glass doors would be more suitable for a contemporary style apartment rather than a traditional house for example. In case you admire the classic home décor, the French door types would be a better solution.

French door

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