Glass mosaic tiles

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In the modern day era there’s a great interest in glass tiles as a floor or wall cladding. They are mainly used in kitchens and bathrooms. Glass mosaic tiles can add more flavor and style to your interior design.

glass mosaic tiles

Mosaic tiles are one of the most attractive wall coverings. The small size of the tiles allows you to create amazing compositions by combining pieces with different hues. They are usually bought already set on a backing sheet for easier setting. Their shape may vary – square, rectangular, round, oval or hexagonal. You can get them uni-colored or with some random pattern. There are websites that give you the option to design your own pattern and then get the tiles shipped to your home.

glass mosaic tiles

Glass mosaic tiles are very fashionable at the moment. They are often transparent and you can see the setting mortar behind them. You can even see the gaps or any discoloration in it. White mortar is more commonly chosen, because it won’t change the color of the tiles. Mosaic tiles on a bathroom floor provide a good grip, their small size means lots of grout lines, which also means lots of cleaning.

glass mosaic tiles

Probably the most common place for glass mosaic tiles is the shower. You can cover the entire area and turn the shower into the focal point of your bathroom. Another idea is to cover the area with large tiles on the walls and add a border of colorful glass tiles. Another place where you can lay mosaic tiles is the back wall of the sink to make the bathroom look more dynamic. It is best to choose color that will complement the counter tops in the room.

Mosaic tiles are more difficult to fix than regular ceramic wall tiles, but they can create stunning, energizing effect and offer unlimited creative freedom.

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