Harmony and perfection – family apartment in Singapore

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Combining in itself perfection of precisely made details and harmony of its coziness and friendliness, this elegant apartment is made by Stanley Tam, chief and famous interior designer in “KNQ Associates”.



White walls were used, contrasting with bright and dynamic color shades on the furnishing. The author emphasized on red, blue and yellow-green, as he tried to achieve impressive and friendly atmosphere. Eye-catching sculptures, pop-art paintings and inbuilt in the walls bright lighted niches. The modern kitchen is small and ergomatic, grey and black colors were used (according to us it’s even a little cold), and the nursery is affable and intriguing. There’s no way not noticing how the tv is attached in decorative wall and the coziness, that red carpet and colorful pillows on the couch gives.



Here you can see a piece (head) of a statue who has sentimental value for the owners, it’s totally fitting with the interior design of the apartment because complement this Singapore spirit and atmosphere.



Lots of bright colors are used in the apartment painting, which is always a good choice, if you are about to dress your home, this will be it’s perfect garment. Influencing you more inspiring and letting your mind be free.






The nursery is just a masterpiece, thanks to the guys standing behind this proffesional team. The colors in combination with the floor creates really nice mood even the toys and the decorative things hunged on the grey wall grab your attention.





This apartment located on the island country in Southeast Asia brings lots of auras and energy inherent exactly for its location, you can dive in it’s shades,  house painting, interior architecture, modern interior design, furniture only by just being a visitor, imagine if you are the owner of this stunning place. Your imagination allready ran wild like a mustang in the desert.

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