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Home office design — There may be many reasons why one should work at home. As long as you are working at home, of course you need a room or a place to work. For simplicity, let us call this space as the “home office”, though its shape is not always a special room. Good working space is a room that can provide benefits to a person at work and can provide the motivation and the atmosphere can be very maximum pump performance. It is influenced by several things, one of these spaces must be healthy, comfortable, neat, and attractive so that you become comfortable in their jobs.


home office design



home office design ideas for small spaces


Home office atmosphere is also very personal, in accordance with the character of the person who will use it. Clearly, the space of home office design must be healthy, comfortable, neat, and attractive that you will not be ashamed to invite colleagues to work with you in this room. Home office also needs to be fitted furniture are eligible to apply national standards. With good furniture, you can work comfortably.


home office design ideas


Some things to consider to design a home office. The first factor is lighting. Home office has a window for lighting during the day. At night, use a bright white light illumination of a uniform, so it does not cause shadows at some point. If the home office you will have to be in the room, then use a table lamp that is not too bright with a head covering (task lighting). Then watch the air circulation. Home officee that heat will make you tired and bored. Window will be beneficial to allow free air in and out of the room. In addition, the study requires a great view and lovely voice so you can concentrate in peace. For example, a window overlooking the garden, or are close to the fountain. So you can rest my eyes for a moment and make the body relax, consequently brilliant ideas will come your way. then note the position of the desk. The placement is not appropriate table will interfere with concentration and work comfort. Do not place the computer back to the window, because it will make you glare when looking at the screen. The most comfortable position is a desk facing a window or on the right or left side — home office design.


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