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Designing and decorating a home office can be tricky. If the environment has too “homey” feel, you probably will not be so focused on your work. And if it looks and feel too professional, then what’s the purpose of having a home office, anyway? In this article, we will give you some tips how to combine professionalism and coziness to create a unique home office.

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Depending on your work sphere, you may want to keep in simple or go for a bold, contrasting color scheme. Pick one main color, then add two or three accent shades for a more interesting effect. However, if you want a more contemporary look, it would be best to keep it simple. Colors like black and white would be perfect for this purpose.

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What furniture to choose depends on the size of the room and the style of your home office. For a modern look, opt for a tall cabinet with sliding doors. If the materials are reflective, this will contribute to the contemporary look and in addition, they will reflect more light. Black glass or clear glass is a good option. Besides the tall cabinets with sliding doors will help you hide all the clutter in your home office. If the room is small, like an attic space, then you will need to pay more attention to the clever storage systems, offered on the market. Also, choose a simple desk, that won’t overwhelm the space. Another suggestion for your home office is to use a shelving unit as a room divide to screen the desk area from the rest of the room. Keep in mind that this is suitable for large, open spaces. If your home office is small, a shelving unit will make it seem overcrowded.

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Pay attention to the decoration of your home office. The difference between a cubicle and a warm, inviting home office is the decoration. Treat your home  office like the rest of your home. Keep it well organized and decorated with items that match your personal style. Hang a couple of paintings, place a floor rug, a vase, a sculpture. The decoration will depend on the main color scheme of the room and the design you choose.

home office ideas

For your home office, use colors and décor that reflect your personality and enliven your imagination. You can browse the web for more tips or seek the help of an interior designer. Be creative with the design of your home office and make it feel comfortable and inviting.

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