Home poker room

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So you just bought a house with a nice, big basement and are still wondering what to do with it. Are you looking or ideas on basement remodel? You have many options like storage room, laundry room or a hobby room. Our suggestion is to turn the basement into a poker room.

If there are shelving units in the basement, place pull-down shades over them to hide the clutter. They can easily be mounted from the shelf brackets. Pull them down and hand poker-related posters or paper decorations. An alternative suggestion is to paint some card symbols. Thus you can still use the basement for storage. If the floor is concrete, install flooring to avoid the industrial look. You can simply paint the concrete red or blue, use ceramic tiles to create a pattern or install rubber flooring for a more cushioned feel.

home poker room

If you want to use the basement for storage, when it is not poker time, opt for folding tables and chairs, because they can easily be placed against the wall, when you are not playing. Put a shelf to store poker supplies, such as baskets, chips and decks of cards. A nice addition for your basement poker room, would be a refrigerator to stock it with beer, soda and snacks. If you don’t have much space available, you can opt for a mini-refrigerator, it will still do the trick.

home poker room

Any exposed wall space can be decorated with framed pictures or wall sculptures with poker theme. You also must make sure that the lighting in the area is sufficient, especially above the poker table. If necessary, you can install bright overhead lights. Keep plug-in heaters to keep the basement warm during poker nights. During the day keep the door or a window open, to let some fresh air in.

Every keen poker player dreams of a dedicated space to chill out with his buddies in privacy, away from the family. It is a good idea to utilize the basement for a poker game room. With proper planning, it is easy to make this transformation.

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