Ideas for a truly different ceiling

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Furnishing and decorating your home can be quite a challenging experience. Flooring types, wall decorations, furniture pieces, built-in appliances, all need to be synchronized, so that the impeccable interior design can be created. The thing is that no matter how tricky this might look, it is even harder to create a truly impressive and different ceiling. This article will aim to bring a few ideas to your attention, so that we can get your fantasy going.

ideas for a ceilingIn most of the times, the ceiling is the most overlooked area in the whole apartment or house, even more than the boring laundry room or the dark, unwelcoming dress closet. But if you think a bit more about it, the white area above your head can turn into the perfect scenery for some design experiments. Our first solution would be to add some colorful touches to contrast with the white backgrounds. Stripes, flowers or other drawings that reflect your preferences can look significant; the key is to maintain the balance and make sure that all they fit into your design concept.

plaster ceilingAnother smart idea might be to place a gorgeous, massive chandelier in the middle of the living room ceiling. This idea is unfortunately not suitable for every living apartment, as it does require a slightly higher and wider ceiling. What you could do in pretty much any corner of your home would be to use plaster figures. This can be a skillful enterprise, so it might be a good idea to consult a professional. Venetian plaster is another widely used material that can help you create a unique area above your head.


3D and suspended ceilings


It is worth mentioning that a truly different ceiling can be designed using plaster boards. The uniqueness lies in the fact that there are simply no limitations as to the shapes. This is the so-called suspended ceiling. You can even have a 3-D design, which will help you give clearer dimensions of all those spectacular ideas of yours. A very stylish and effective addition to the suspended ceilings would be the concealed lighting. It is widely used in the homes, where the accent should be placed on a particular area or a decoration masterpiece

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