Interior design ideas for a spacious apartment

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Interior design ideas for a spacious apartment

A good number of our posts have been dedicated to the furnishing and decoration of contemporary apartments that lack in space. It is time to present to you one of our interior design solutions for a spacious apartment. The chosen colors will be in purple and champagne shades, we will put an accent on comfort, style and functionality.


Starting with the living and dining room, it is important to note that we have decided to combine them in one room by simply designing separate functional areas. We have used a large, comfortable, rounded sofa with plenty of cushions and a small table and a large TV set across in order to create a piece of perfection. The dining area is presented by a large, prolonged dining table. Now, in order to achieve that visual separation of the two areas we have installed separate lighting units above each of the areas. As for the kitchen, it is nearby – we have opted for a built in fridge, the oven has been placed in the alcove, while the cupboards are in beige and purple shades. In an attempt to achieve an even higher level of comfort, we have added a small dining table, so that you can have a snack with a friend in an informal atmosphere.

We have also thought about the families that have a teenage child. A separate room has been designed so that it can respond to the needs of the adolescent. A comfortable bed, a large computer desk and a TV set on the wall for relaxation is what we suggest!

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