Interior design for a 83 sq m apartment of a young couple

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Interior design for a 83 sq m apartment of a young couple

The topic of this post would be the interior design of a young couple’s first own apartment. We intend to show you how the dreams of the young owners are put into color, comfort and functionality.

The aim of the project would be to propose an interior design solution for an entry hall, a kitchen, a living room, a dining room and a sleeping room. The main idea behind the project is based on three foundling ideas: oak veneer, white gloss and some purple touches. The oak veneer is used to create an atmosphere of comfort; the white gloss should convey the idea of light and space, while the purple touches are an expression of the couple’s uniqueness.


The kitchen, the living and the dining room are actually one space that has been arranged and furnished into one and the same interior design style.
With regards to the kitchen, the owners insisted on having an extra board, which builds up on the kitchen functionality. The space is divided from the rest of the common space by a unique lighting ceiling. A few bits of contemporary equipment are also added to help the hostess in her everyday domestic chores.


The living room has been separated from the dining room by a few shelves with books. A focus point in the design of the common space is one of the walls. Decorative stone with a couple of purple panels attached to the plasterboard and some mild lighting have been used to turn the wall into the leading motif in the common space.