Children’s room arrangement

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Children’s room arrangement is very challenging, yet quite enjoyable. It requires so many elements and factors to be taken into consideration! After all, the room will be used for so many different activities – relaxation, sleeping, playing, studying, and even partying. It is therefore necessary to consider every bit of the furnishing and the decoration.


The colors are one of the leading criteria that need proper consideration – the suitable shades and nuances reflect on the mental development on your kids and create a joyful atmosphere, so that they can grow calm and relaxed. Bright colors are a good choice, as kids love the. At the same time, you should keep in mind that at some point the room will be used for sleeping, so pastel nuance might be a good solution. Pink is the most beloved and used color when you are preparing the room for a girl, however it would be worth considering adding a few colorful, contrasting spots in blue or purple. That could be the curtains or the small decoration pillows. On the other hand, blue is the favorite of boys, yet again a couple of joyful decoration items in orange or brown will ease up the interior. There is no reason to stick only to these all-time favorites – green, yellow, orange are simply as good. You need to try and find the balance between the colors. Keep in mind that the kids love different shades during the different periods they go through, so this is an extra factor than needs consideration when it comes to furnishing a well arranged children’s room.

Green kids' room

Functionality is the second starting point – functional zones in the room of your beloved ones should be wisely arranged. In case you have a bigger apartment and can spare an extra room, you might want to separate the playground area from the children’s room. Since, this is rarely possible, get a few large and tall cabinets, where all toys can be stored once the playful moments are over.

Kids' playroom

It is important to choose suitable surfaces, which allow fast cleaning. A good choice would be the laminated parquet flooring and the washable latex walls. And last but not least, a well arranged children’s room is by all means the safe one – do not overlook that aspect. A part of the room should be left with as few furniture bits as possible, since kids often have too much energy and tend to overlook dangers such as sharp edges for example!

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