Laundry room – style and functionality

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The laundry room is by far the most neglected area in every home. This is easy to comprehend judging by the fact that washing, drying and ironing are among the most tedious chores for any housewife. In most of the cases, this room is quite unattractive and does not fit at all with the interior design of your home. People just tend to skip it, when designing the living area. One of the most common scenery includes a washing machine, a dryer, a laundry basket and an ironing board. Not overly impressive, is it?

This is precisely why we have decided o write this post. We believe that the laundry room can be much more stylish and functional if only for a moment you stopped neglecting it. Our first idea would be to replace the boring, impersonal white nuances by something much livelier. The brighter shades will give the whole space an atmosphere full of energy and vigor, so that you will not tire so easily doing all those chores. You can also opt for the modern, modular furniture bits, with plenty of drawers and shelves instead of scattering around the laundry appliances. A TV set in a cabinet on the wall can ease up the laundry room and make your stay there much more enjoyable. Use some decoration fabrics so as to contrast with the white surfaces of the appliances.

laundry room


A smart suggestion would be to create a small laundry spot in the bathroom. Place the washing machine in a tall cabinet, place a few shelves inside for the detergents and the towels. The predominant nuances would be of light blue, so that it can relate best to the bathroom. Install the sink between the tall cabinet and the shower. The built-in shelves on the shower wall will make the perfect picture!

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