Mid-century Modern Interior Architecture and Design

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Mid-century modern interior architecture and design generally describes the development of contemporary mid-20th century design. This is roughly around 1933 to 1965. This is a significant design movement, recognized worldwide.

The industrial design is an example of mid-century modern interior architecture and design. Scandinavian design was quite influential at the time. This style is mainly characterized by simplicity, individualistic design and natural shapes. You can see this style reflected not only in interior architecture, but also glassware, ceramics, lighting and furniture. The main idea behind Scandinavian design is that beautiful and functional everyday objects should be affordable to all. This interior architecture and design movement is characterized by simplicity, minimalism and functionality.

 industrial loft

If you’ve fallen in love with the minimalist, urban aesthetic of the mid-century modern interior architecture and design, and want to give your home a makeover in this style, you need to make sure your know all about it. And if homes reflect the style of the times, when they were built, mid-century modern is the architecture of ideas, created by people, who believed the innovative style could be the means for social change to create a better society. Characteristic to this style of interior architecture are flat planes, large glass windows and open spaces. Your home must promote integration with nature, stimulating you and your family to explore the world in new ways.

mid-century modern home

As we already said, the key elements in mid-century modern interior architecture and design are plat planes, large windows and integration with nature. The geometric lines of the homes are regular and harsh. Flat roofs are a common solution, but contemporary ranch-style houses may also have gable roofs. The large windows and sliding glass doors let natural light in the rooms from multiple angles. To create depth in your living space, you may add split-levels, partial walls and cabinets and shelves with varying heights.

mid-century modern interior architecture

Mid-century modern interior architecture and design are characterized by clean and simple lines. Wooden pieces have natural finishes to show off their natural beauty. To see more examples of mid-century modern interior architecture and design, check out some more photos online.

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