Minimalist Living Room

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Minimalist living room — The living room is fairly important part of the house. Reflect the living conditions of the face, style, and character of the household and should be arranged in a beautiful, clean, and tasteful. Form of house building should be considered in making the arrangement. Minimalist arrangement would require a minimalist living room. In order for a minimalist living room can still look beautiful and attractive, there are some things to consider when making arrangements, including color selection, furniture, accessories support, modification and optimization of the wall, whether or not a room divider, and lighting systems. All that is about to be considered. Choice and mix of color shades will bring the atmosphere of living is different.




Gradation of bright colors like yellow, orange, red, can make a living vibrant, warm and familiar. The use of the soft shades of green, blue, and purple, presenting a calm, cool, intimate, or romantic. Neutral colors can also be selected as the primary color constituent of space, furniture, and other decorative elements, because it is more lasting and do not depend on the trend.


minimalist living room design


The selection of minimalist living room furniture should pay attention to the vast living room and function room available. The selection of the right living room furniture, can make the room feel spacious and airy. Furnishing the house should follow the basic geometric shapes of buildings so that chairs, sofas, desks, cabinets and a rectangular plain without any ornamentation carved profiles. Minimalist living room furniture requires the use of a more practical and futuristic. Sofa furniture fabric / leather, glass tables and metal chairs, bright or neutral color was chosen in this room.


minimalist living room interior design



To reinforce the impression of a living room, living room wall can also be modified. The technique of painting with a matching color gradations without a lot of paintings, photographs, or other trinkets to strengthen the walls of the living room impression. Besides the living room minimalist lighting system is also noteworthy. A careful arrangement of light and can make a living artfully minimalist look more artistic in the evening — minimalist living room.


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