Modern Floor Mirror : Gufram Sfera

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Dramatic, impressive and full of eccentric integrity, oversized designer floor mirrors are a must have in the modern bedroom, living room or dining room. Leaning against the wall or mounted on it, modern floor mirror are destined to enhance the room with reflective qualities, offer a full-length view of its surroundings, add textural variation, and adapt hard to match materials and finishes as well as offer an unrivaled focal point.

modern floor mirror

The Sfera modern floor mirror was designed by Piero Gilardi for Gufram in Italy. This is a playful mirror in a semi-spherical cocoon. Place it on the floor and kick it around, it will come back to its correct position no matter what. The Sfera modern floor mirror is an ingenues design accessory, that is both fun and modern. The semi-sphere is made from foamed polyurethane, with a mirror in it. Thanks to a counter weight, the sphere always returns to the correct position. A charming flirty little floor mirror to have. It is coated with the Guflac paint, and available in a number of colors.

The quality of Gufram’s history is epitomized by the “I Multipli” collection: a series of modern sculptural pieces made from polyurethane foam. These modern sculptures capture the creative journey that started in the late 1960’s, about 15 years after the company was founded in 1952. Today, these pieces that Gufram continues to offer under the “I Multipli” label, are on display in the principal museums of contemporary art and design throughout the world. The fundamental points of the Gufram philosophy are: research and innovation, quality, design. With an emphasis on creative freedom over the functional demands imposed by production, Gufram took part of the radical movements of ground breaking design with new materials. Gufram’s modern floor mirror design objects show the many influences of pop art, conceptual art, illusionism, naturalism and modern art.