Persian Rug Pad

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Normally rug pads are seems not so important for most people and they prefer to buy something more important than the rug pads. But for some other importance, Persian Rug Pad will help your rug from any damage they might get. When buying rugs, some people do not buy the rug pads with it. They just put the rug in its desirable place without realizing the function of this overlooked accessory, rug pad.

Persian Rug Pad

Persian Rug Pad is known of its ability in keeping the valuable Persian rugs on floor. Persian rug pad will also keep the rug from moving around and to help the rug not to wear out as quickly. It won’t wrinkle up and wear out extending the life of the rug when a rug does not move around. You might also need to know that although rugs pad hidden from view under your carpet, buying oriental Persian rug pad is an important decision.

Do not assume that it’s an unnecessary upgrade if a salesperson tries to get you to spend a little more on pad. Getting the high-quality pad, especially the Persian Rug Pad pad at second hand will increase the life of your expensive carpet. It also makes carpet more comfortable to walk on, provides cushioning for small children to play on, and reduces noise and helps insulate your home.

You need to compare area rug pad materials and benefits. The vast majority of residential pad is made from polyurethane foam which called re-bond, because it is made of pieces of recycled foam bonded together. It has a multi-color appearance. Other types of pad are made from rug fibers, felt, rubber or urethane.
Choose the right and proper thickness and density of your Persian Rug Pad. Commercial, loop and low-pile carpet will perform better with a thinner, denser pad. Use pad no thicker than 1/2 inches but with a density of at least 5 lb for cut pile which found in many homes. More dense pads are even better for cut pile.