Stones – a piece of nature in the home decor

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Contemporary interior design styles can be quite impersonal at times. The striving for functionality and minimalist furnishing is driving us apart from Mother Nature. It is therefore quite understandable that more and more interior designers are trying to restore the broken relationship by introducing natural elements in the home décor. We have talked about tropical wood furniture and improvised kitchen gardens before. Today, we will take a closer look at another element coming from the surrounding natural world – the stones.

They can be a very stylish solution for our homes, no matter whether we are talking about boulders, pebbles or ordinary stones. The rooms where we could use them as a decoration item vary. There is however one obvious favorite – the bathroom, as they are quite easily associated with water and spa.

Natural stones


Natural stones can be used both as flooring material and as wall decoration. A truly inspired interior design solution which conveys simplicity, serenity and impeccable looks is to cover the whole floor and all walls in the bathroom with stone. Use the small colorful pieces, so that a unique mosaic can be created. It is simply fantastic if you arrange a few stones around the bath-tub for example. Boulders in the bathroom can provide for unique soothing surroundings.


Pebbles on the other hand are mainly preferred as decoration items and can be used in the living or dining room or on book shelves. You can even scatter a few around the TV set.

stones around the fireplace


For the fortunate ones that can afford to have a living room fire-place, we strongly recommend to use stones all around it. This time, however, instead of pebbles, use larger bits, boulders will also do the job. Add a couple of rattan chairs and a vintage wood table. A wide wood shelf just above the fire place will make the perfect scenery.

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