The power of the white color

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The power of the white color

Now, we have commented before on the major disadvantage of contemporary homes – the space is not enough. We are pretty confident that every one of you has experienced the feeling of the closing-in walls every once in a while, so we have decided to think about a possible solution to the issue. And by a solution, we do not mean buying a bigger place to leave. It is time to discover the secret power of the white color – it can make any space look bigger!

So, yes, you should definitely consider it for your interior design. The white color has also another advantage – it possesses a soothing power, which is really important in modern times. Try combining it with a few glass ornaments and the effect will be even stronger. For those, who are not really keen on having purely white walls, we could offer two suggestions: use white pieces of furniture or decorate your walls with paintings, so that your place will look a bit more colorful.

White color is suitable for almost every room in your home – living or dining room, corridors, bathroom, etc. The only exception would be the kitchen; white’s main disadvantage is that it gets dirty rather fast, so consider alternatives for your kitchen. If you would like to paint the kid’s room in white, it might be a good idea to add some blue or pink depending on whether you have a boy or a girl.

So, it is official, no more complaints that your bedroom is too small for a wardrobe, so that you need to use the one in the corridor. Apply a few generous touches of white color to your interior and space will simply double!