Room painting tips

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Room painting tips

Interior design is much bigger as a concept than most people tend to thing. This is due to the fact that it combines so much knowledge from different areas – knowledge about furniture and the materials they are made of, knowledge about decorations and arrangement and last but not least knowledge about colors.

The good thing about the colors of your interior walls is that you can just repaint the walls once you have decided that you need a change. But wall painting goes far beyond that. Take for example homes with low ceilings. The color that you choose for the walls can visually extend them – just pick some bright light colors for the walls, while the ceiling should be painted in white. Another interesting room painting tips would be to combine latex on some of the walls and floral wallpapers on the others – the result will amaze you!

Before you indulge into all those painting activities though, you should know that there are some preparatory things to be taken care of first. Start by removing all paintings, wall decorations and furniture pieces out of the room. In case you do not feel like taking out the large pieces of furniture, make sure that they are well covered with newspapers or old clothing, so that they do not get dirty. Use paper tape for the ends of the ceiling and place old newspapers or nylon on the floor.
Now that the room cleanliness is insured, it is time to choose the latex color for the walls. It is important to remember that before applying the color, you need to prime the walls. Priming is performed when this is the first time that the walls are being painted or when you have removed old wallpapers. The idea behind the priming is that it will enhance the color that is applied on top of it. The only rule is that you need to leave it to dry thoroughly before you start applying the top latex layer.

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