Size does matter – the home transformation

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Size does matter – the home transformation:

Right, here is a post about a common pain in modern life apartments and homes in general – the space! Or should I put it as the lack of it….
Well in the best interest of truth, space (just like money actually) is never enough. Today’s post though will briefly comment on contemporary small-sized apartments and some twists and turns that might turn into our transformation leverage.

So, here comes the first big question – what wardrobe should we buy and where should we put it. The best pieces of advice that I can give are as follows: go for a sliding-door wardrobe, pick a tall design that will help you utilize all space until the very ceiling and consider placing in the entry hall rather than in your bedroom.

A common victim of our gain-some-extra-space attempts is the bathroom. The bad thing is that we should not really compromise with it, as this is the best relaxation area. So, then we are on the lookout for our next victim – the balcony. Small or spacious, we seem to be in a hurry to utilize the space by turning it into a small kitchen for example. A much more sophisticated and unique idea would be to turn the balcony into a small study with some shelves, a desk, etc. Another possible solution would be to install some cupboards, including the long, tall ones, which can be used as wardrobes as well in case there is not enough space in the entry hall or the sleeping room. The key to success would be to have proper insulation to fight off humidity.

So, what is next? Let us try to gain some extra space in the modern home common area. In most cases, the dining room is not a separate room, but a functional zone in the common space. So a possible twist is to replace the dining table with a kitchen bar – you will both save some space and add a stylish touch to your home. However, in case you simply cannot give away your table just yet, it might be worth considering some folding types, which easily change their height and dining board space by a button push!

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