Small apartment with creative ideas for space using

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This small, but full with creative ideas apartment is designed by studio of famous interior designers “Fold Design” for young student in Taiwan. In the small place we will find interesting ideas and ways for solving the problem with lack of space in the face of smart decisions for storage and multifunctional furniture. The is common problem which often occurs to be one of the first in creating your own place for living and environment.


Despite of the extremely insufficient space, the apartment has bedroom, office, kitchen and living room. The bedroom and office shares one room, as for this purpose the bed is hidden in one of the walls, which is very impressive at first place, because it’s bold decision. When he has need of it, it takes the required position without any rearrangement of furniture and the office stays functional like it should be. Which definately will be a prefered decision for some of you.


For more spacious look of the place, the design is in minimalistic style, and the decorative elements here are rare, even can be said, that are almost missing, but are replaced with others which fits perfect to the interior. The use of simple lines, also and thanks to the big windows, the small apartment looks very friendly and affable.


The furniture and inbuilt shelfs offers much places for storage for accessories and items, necessary for our life. Doubtlessly the most interesting multifunctional furniture is the big desk, that without attracting any attention gives  huge amount of hidden zones for storage, which can be seen on the photos below. These probably are photos of one of the best interior designs for small places we had seen recently.


Thanks the careful planning of building of spaces in the zone with bedroom and office, present and big black piano, contrasting with light wood surfaces, placed on the walls and floor.








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