Small apartment interior

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How do you furnish and decorate a small apartment to make it comfortable and contemporary? Limited area can be quite challenging. However, there lots of tips and tricks available online for you to use.

We would suggest to combine the kitchen and the living room in a small apartment. Choose warm, bright colors to make the living space look cozy and inviting. It is a good idea to pick kitchen furniture with highly polished, glossy surfaces. They will reflect more light, making the apartment brighter. Besides, shiny surfaces and minimal design are trendy and stylish, and will complete the look of your modern apartment. In the apartment we have decided to show you, the designers kept the ceiling and the walls light, and created a contrast with the flooring and furniture. The kitchen counters and cabinets have modern, sleek look.

ideas for a small apartment

The dining area is located near the windows. The additional light that enters through the windows makes it feel more open and airy. Plus, you can enjoy the beautiful view outside, while you are dining. The table is a warm, natural color, that has a soothing effect. The white chairs create a nice contrast and the orange ones make the area fun and lively. Brown, white and orange is the color scheme of the whole apartment. These colors match well and are naturally appealing.

small apartment solution

For the living room area, the designers have chosen a couch with contemporary design. The way it is situated, it can serve as a room divider, to separate the dining area from the TV area. The throw pillows match the colors of the coffee table. The shelving unit has an interesting, innovative design. The curtains are a light, creamy color. They allow you privacy, without blocking all the light from the outside, which is an ideal solution for a small apartment.

small living area design

For a small apartment, it is very important to keep the place clean and organized. Keep the décor simple and minimal. Don’t place too many decoration items, because this will make the apartment seem overcrowded.

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