Small Studio Apartment

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Small studio apartment — A small-sized studio apartments generally consist of a single room that is used for various activities. Because the amount of room that is only one, then any activity that is usually done in one room (for example: study, eat, sleep, etc.). Number of rooms and only one limited area of the room which would require the owner of the charming and creative in managing the interior of  your studio type apartment. In order for a small studio apartment is nice place to live and support your activities during your stay in it, then you should be good at managing, directing and organizing everything in it. Organization is key to the room interior, whether home, office or apartment. A good organization will make the room interior is comfortable, spacious and noticeably larger than the actual size of the room. Besides the organization of the room, the proper selection of furniture, lighting and color selection is another factor underpinning successful interior design and space of your apartment.


small studio apartment



small studio apartment design


Studio type apartment interior makes you stay organized or organized by creating zones for specific activities. Use furniture (eg bookcases, display frame) as a divider to create a separate function space if the size of your apartment is rather large. If your studio apartment of 21 m2 only, then the use of glass partitions, curtains / curtains track is simple and it takes up space. Maximize the function of furniture as well as storage space is another part of the key success arranging and designing the interior of a tiny studio apartment. Use furniture to maximize its function. Brighten your small studio apartment with a combination of opening windows and several pieces of mirror. Place the right front window glass mirror to provide a bright atmosphere and gives an impression of space / area.


small studio apartment design ideas


If privacy is a major problem for you, it never hurts to add a light-colored curtains or blinds (horizontal or vertical blinds). Try to make a floor area of ​​permanent relief, do not put too much furniture or furnishings in the room that will make the floor space to be reduced. If possible hang on the wall as much as possible the furniture of the room. Use the shelves (which is planted in the walls of the room), mounted TV stand, bookcase, etc. to keep the room still feels spacious and comfortable. You can create a wall mounted unit that accommodates a TV, DVD, bookcases, shelves and cabinets so that all the furniture / equipment you concentrated on one area of the wall. Greatly influence the selection of a paint color shades in the room, be it a home or small studio apartment. Color selection will affect the illusion of eyes looking at him. Bright colors seem ‘off’ so as to make the space seem larger and spacious. Dark colors seem ‘close’ and make the room seem cramped. In addition, dark colors absorb light as well, this must be considered, especially if your studio type apartment gets very little natural light during the day — small studio apartment.


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