The entry hall creates the first impression

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The post below will comment on the entry hall in contemporary homes and its role in the impressions, which our dwelling place conveys. Furnishing a new apartment can be overwhelming! Very often, a part of our new home is overlooked – the entry passage. It plays an enormous role in the impression that our home will convey, since this is the entry point and this is the place where we shall welcome our guests. So it does need to be properly decorated and maintained.


Before we consider decorating it, it is important to maintain it carefully and keep a high level of cleanliness. Placing a door mat, which will take away part of the shoe dirt and mud, will definitely help. However, it would be much more beneficial, if we take off our shoes before we enter the door. This is important, since very often contemporary homes do not have a separate entry door and once you cross the threshold you are in the middle of the corridor. In case you decided to use tiles for the floor, you will soon realize how important it is to take your shoes off before you enter!

So, once we have our “keep it clean” plan up and running, it is time to consider decorating the entry hall. Apply light, fresh colors to the walls, so that you will visually double the space of the entry passage. You should know that lighting is also of importance. The single light bulb in the ceiling is definitely not enough, so think about placing some lights on the walls and above the mirror. Speaking of mirrors, you should know that the tall mirror in the entry hall is a must! It does help a lot in conveying the feeling of having a spacious entry hall.
With regards to the walls, you could use some paintings and decoration bits to give the whole space a more vigorous look. The only rule you should follow is the following: make sure the decoration style matches the interior design!