The Top 5 Most Famous Interior Designers

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The interior of homes is just as important as the design and architecture of the building. And being an interior designer is not a simple job. In this post, we will give you a list of the top 5 most famous interior designers.

Frances Adler Elkins is a an interior designer from Milwaukee, who designed the splendid interiors of the Yerba Buena Club during the Golden Gate International Exposition, Cypress Point Club clubhouse, the Zellerbach mansion in Broadway and the Casa Amesti in Monterey in California. She creates futuristic designs, complemented with vintage elements. Frances Elkins plays with various color combinations and contemporary furniture.

Frances Elkins

Frances Elkins designs

Elsie de Wolfe is another one of the most famous interior designers. She is a trend-setter, who uses minimalist designs and furniture, which can be easily cleaned and maintained. Her style is essentially Victorian, but she also introduces a lot of innovations, using fresh colors, metallic finishings and even animal prints in 18th century English and French furniture.

Elsie de Wolfe

Elsie de Wolfe designs

Dorothy Draper introduces contemporary design to a lot of large public spaces, using bold color combinations. She also uses elaborate furniture and floral and striped patterns. Her characteristic style is modern Baroque with a mix of fun and boldness, spiced up with unusual and fresh color contrasts. Some of her more famous works include a restaurant at the Metropolitan Museum of Art called The Dorotheum, the Arrowhead Springs Hotel in California, the Hampshire House and the Carlyle, both in New York City, the Camellia House in Drake Hotel in Chicago and the Greenbrier Hotel in West Virginia. Dorothy Draper is one of the most famous interior designers.

Dorothy Draper

Dorothy Draper designs

Petra Blaisse is a Dutch woman, known for her creativity in combining different elements. She is good not only at interior design, but also at architecture, exhibits, landscapes and textiles. Her style reflects a blend of the inside and outside, the landscape and the structure, and culture and nature. The resulting interiors are sophisticated and functional. Her most famous works include the golden curtain at the Nederlands Dans Theater, the curtains and flooring of the Lille Grand Palais in France, the spiral sound curtain in Kunsthal in Rotterdam and the Museumpark, also in Rotterdam. She is one of the most famous interior designers in the world.

Petra Blaisse

Petra Blaisse designs

Laura Day is an American interior designer, based in New York City. She uses natural elements in the interior to create clean and comfortable spaces. Her style is a combination of her outgoing personality mixed with her appreciation of classical design. Her more famous works include designing a bar for Skyy Vodka, a table for Home Depot that was used in Diffa’s Dining by Design, and TLC’s Trading Spaces.

Laura Day

Laura Day designs

The list of famous interior designers, whose work we admire, goes on. These are just five of the brightest examples. Who are the people you want to see added to this list?

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