Transparent walls – adding elegance to your interior

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The transparent walls are a perfect solution for the contemporary apartments, where a large common area replaces the separate rooms in an attempt to gain extra space by eliminating brick walls. The truth is that even though that common area makes your flat look bigger, it sometimes deprives you of the feeling of privacy. There are a few approaches, which can help you separate the area into separate functional zones – different color shades, different furniture bits, different lighting. This tome however, we shall put the accent on the see-through walls.

They seem to be quite efficient in separating the larger area into separate zones; moreover they look quite modern and stylish. You will be getting plenty of light too. The transparent walls come in many styles and variations. They can be with wooden or aluminum frames, the glass can be opaque or transparent, the walls can be fixed or sliding. One of their biggest advantages is that they are cheaper than a brick wall and can be easily removed in case you decide to change your interior design concept.

Opaque glass sliding doors

A very good solution for the living room would be to use sliding walls with opaque glass. They do resemble in a way the Japanese rice-paper walls and are both functional and stylish. This is a clever twist for all those who do not really like the swings and the decorative hinges. A really smart idea is to install two or three parallel see-through dividers with different styles. This way you can have a different interior design every day, by sliding them one behind the other.

Transparent glass walls


Transparent walls are simply unbeatable when it comes to beach houses or homes located in urban areas. Just picture the impeccable relaxation area – a champagne sofa with a couple of soft pillows located behind the see-through walls overlooking a secluded beach washed by the sea. Quite impressive, isn’t it?

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