Travertine Stone Floors

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Travertine Stone Floors – Wants to feel different atmosphere in your house? Try different flooring and decorate it by your taste with more unique style. Travertine, one of the most frequently used in architecture and has been a popular building material for thousands years because of its durability and the masons ability that fits to any purpose. Travertine Stone Floors will be a refined beauty you can choose to be installed in your house. This stone is soft and delicate to look at. Travertine stone breathes spaciousness, relaxed, and soothing. The feeling is peaceful, tranquil and serene. This casual formalness creates a simple beauty impression for your house. Rome Coliseum is said constructed with travertine tiles primarily.

Travertine Stone Floors

Travertine stone is limestone’s form that often forms in near hot bubbly mineral rich springs. A pitted surface that is created on the stone is formed by a trapped gas bubbles. The pitted surfaces can be filled with an epoxy or dust resin. More finished look will be obtained by the small holes and pits that filling.

Travertine Stone Floors is also varies in hardness, density, and porosity. Some travertine stones are harder than others. Beside the fact of the hardiness varies, it will scratch. It cannot compete with the hardiness of granite. You can do a test for it by a sharp blade.

Travertine Stone Floors also would be a great choice for you because of its colorfulness. The colors are warm earthy tones from the softest ivories to the palest creams, rich shades of golden honey and silvery greens to deep mocha browns. The color tones are varies.