Unusual colors for Christmas decoration 2015

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It’s this time of year again, the time that brings joy, happiness and glamour. A big part about what makes us feel this joy is those extra decorations, surrounding us everywhere we go. Don’t you wish, however, for something so unusual that will catch your eye, and would make you feel this extra happiness? Better yet, be the person to inspire that happiness. Among the ocean of old-fashion green, red, silver and glue, be the different, be unique, be the one to bring the merriment in the hearts of your friends, family, acquaintance and even total strangers by isolating yourself from the norm and dive into the new with these ideas for unusual colors for Christmas decorations.



The color grey is associated with dullness and emotionless. It’s the brand color for the ordinary, boring everyday life. During the Christmas holidays, however, grey is turning to be more unusual than the dominant red, green and gold, making it a good idea for a Christmas decoration.
Not only it looks stylish and doesn’t bother the eye, unlike other saturated colors in the Christmas decorative palette, it can be very well mixed with some of the traditional colors, like red, for creating a cosy and warm Christmas environment.
Do you know the phrase, “something is the new black”? Well, black is the old black and it is stylish as ever. Even though, it doesn’t fit in the spirit of Christmas, it makes for some unusual and unique color combinations, which could bring class and elegance in your home during the Christmas holidays.




It might look little strange, but when combined with gold, white or some red, it will bring interesting accent in the festive décor. You can use it if you’re a fan of the minimalist style in the interior.
Another very unusual color for Christmas decoration is turquoise. This new, unusual color is becoming more and more popular among the festive decorations. When combined with other colors with similar shades, like teal or ice-blue, it can very much transform your living room to a winter wonderland. If you would like to get away from the norm and be eye catching, joy giving and love sharing, this unusual color for Christmas decoration might be the thing you want.
And if you believe, that you would lose the spirit of Christmas by embarking in these new styles, just remember that it’s not the colors that make Christmas. It’s the joy and holiday cheer that are truly seek. And if you choose to add little bit of fashion to it while seeking, then you are welcome.