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Wall sticker design — It’s easy and quick way of creating a lively atmosphere in the room. Using wall stickers to decorate the walls is not a new idea. However, wall stickers are now much more efficient, simpler and cleaner in use. Wall stickers are also often called wall decal. Made from colored material is cut with the laser cut to create the desired shape. Stickers are made this way has two sides are colored, so it remains visible color on both sides of the glass or other transparent surfaces. Adhesives used only on a sticker attached to the wall without moving or areas where posted. There are also wall stickers are obtained from the color printing process. Stickers like these do not have two sides of the color and the color fade faster or disappear altogether.


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Wall stickers are not the same as the wallpaper. Wallpaper can look very beautiful, but complicated in the installation, especially when you want to take it off. For that wall stickers are created. Wall stickers can seem like a wallpaper with how to create repeating patterns on the walls. When bored, you can remove easily without leaving a trace on the surface of the wall. Wall stickers that have been removed can be reused. But for complex forms, the process may be a little more difficult. Wall sticker is good is not made of paper. It is made of colored vinyl material that is formed with a laser. So do not worry it will tear the sticker and left behind some time off from the wall. Wall sticker design with a matte finish will look more natural than the one with the wall surface with surface shiny stickers. Wall stickers are very versatile. You can put it on a flat wall surface or slightly textured though. Because of its thin, it will look like a painted wall.


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Wall stickers can also be used on walls, floors, mirrors and even a shower curtain. Make sure the surface to be attached is clean. We can also stick it in glass or metal on the exterior areas of the house. But do not stick to the outer wall or other porous surfaces. To climate change will result in moisture which can penetrate the pores of the wall behind the sticker, so that the adhesive berukurang. Excess wall sticker located on the application. Install and remove a lot easier than wallpaper. One interesting thing from the wall sticker, we can set it up according to the theme of the story is modeled on the package or create your own combinations were deemed most appropriate — wall sticker design.


Wall sticker design

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